Evita Birule

Where, do it, begin


Die lettische Tanz-und Performance-Studentin Evita Birule lotet in ihrem Tanzstück die Grenzen von Bewegung aus und zeigt dabei deren Entstehung und Veränderung auf. Bewegungen können aus Vorangegangen erwachsen, entstehen aber auch ohne Beziehung zueinander. 

The contemporary dance performance „Where, do it, begin” is an experimental work by Evita Birule, a fourth year student of the Latvian Academy of Culture.
The basic idea of the work is to show the search for inspiration taken from different places, tools and actions.
Creating this piece I concentrated on the variety of  the search process. It shows how movement is born, developed and changed. Movements can be developed from previous ones, but sometimes they can be unrelated to anything at all. Not only the actions and movements I make are of importance in this piece but also the influence of being present in space.
„In the begining there is nothing, than there is the air that we feel, the sound that we hear, the wall that we see”.... Inspiration is someting you cannot control, you cannot call, and you cannot see. Sometimes the search can take time. But when you find it, it can surprise you in endless ways.